A Modified CPW-Fed Slot Loop Antenna with Reduced Cross-Polarization and Size

  • Author
    Y.-C. Chen, S.-Y. Chen, and P. Hsu
  • Published in
    IEEE Antennas Wireless Propag. Lett., vol. 10, pp. 1124-1126,
  • Time
    Oct 01, 2011
  • Abstract

     In this work, we propose a simple method to reduce simultaneously the peak cross-polarization level and the antenna size by adding a few pairs of slot stubs inside the rectangular slot loop at proper positions. The uniplanar structure is still maintained without any additional metallic layer on the other side of the substrate. An inductively-excited CPW-fed rectangular slot loop antenna loaded with five parallel pairs of slot stubs is fabricated, tested, and compared to the conventional one (the one without the slot stubs). In this case, the peak cross-polarization level is suppressed to about 10 dB lower than that of the conventional design, and an antenna size reduction of about 35% is achieved simultaneously at the expense of a smaller bandwidth.