Incoming Visiting / Exchange Students

International Students

Exchange Student

Only students who are currently enrolled at a university with which NTU has a valid student exchange agreement and are officially nominated by their home university can apply to participate in an exchange program. The list of NTU exchange partners is available here.

Ms. Winni Kuo

Visiting Student

National Taiwan University runs the Visiting Student Program to accommodate students from non-partner universities who wish to study in NTU for less than one academic year. Students from partner universities may apply as a visiting student when the exchange positions are not available. The Visiting Student Program is a fee-paying program and visiting students will register as non-degree-seeking but full-time students in NTU.

Ms. Jung-Chen Chen

Degree Student

International degree-seeking students

International Student Division, Office of International Affairs "Degree Students Admission"
Address: R419, 4F, 2nd Administration Building 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., 10617 Taipei, TaiwanApply


Qualification Duration
Exchange Student Each partner university has its own ion procedure. To learn more about how to become an exchange candidate, please contact the relevant authority in your home university first. One semester/one academic year
Visiting Student Applicants currently studying full-time in a university are eligible to apply to the NTU Visiting Student Program. The student status should stay valid throughout the period of study in NTU. One academic year *
Degree Student
  1. If the applicant fits one of the followings, he/she is NOT entitled to apply as an international degree student:
    • He/She has ever applied or studied in ROC as an Overseas Chinese student.
    • He/She has applied and obtained a high school degree as an international student in ROC and would like to pursue a further degree.
    • He/She has been expelled by a university or college in ROC.
    • He/She holds nationality of Hong Kong or Macau or People's Republic of China.
    • He/She holds ROC nationality (according to the Article 2 of the Law of Nationality).
    • He/She held ROC nationality, and has not renounced it for more than 8 years, up until the course starting date of the NTU semester when he/she seeks admission.
  2. International students with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for undergraduate studies at NTU; Bachelor's degree for Master's programs; Master's degree for PhD programs.

* Maximum stay for visiting students is one academic year. It is advised that applicants stay for one semester or one academic year to be able to register in and complete academic courses. The 1st semester of each academic year starts in mid-September and ends in late January. The 2nd semester starts in mid-February and ends in late June. Please see the National Taiwan University website for semester dates.

However, applicants who wish to only conduct research and do not plan to take academic courses may apply outside the semester time frame. These students are required to pay the full fees of the program. However, it is advised that the research-focused applicants contact a faculty member willing to act as their instructor/ faculty advisor before submitting applications.


Tuition Books Housing Food Estimated expenses
Visiting Student / Degree Student Estimated Fee US$1,138*1 US$156-250*1 US$147-238
US$188*2 US$6,250~9,375*3
Exchange Student Estimated Living Fee US$156-250*1 US$147-238
US$188*2 US$3,975~7,100*3

*1 per semester
*2 per month
*3 per year

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