Anechoic Chamber & Antenna Lab

  • Location:R527
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  • Phone:+886-2-33663700 ext.527


 The Group has two anechoic chambers: the main chamber is for general purpose with operating frequency range 1-18 GHz, while the millimeter wave chamber is for 40-65 GHz operation. The main chamber is equipped with a vector analyzer Agilent 8722ES and a PC-based 3-axis motion controller that may position the antenna under test in an arbitrary direction for the 3D antenna patterns measurement. In addition, the position controller may also precisely control the source antenna for two orthogonal components enabling the system for the circular polarization measurement. The millimeter wave chamber is equipped with an Agilent PNA E8361A (10MHz to 67GHz) and a 4-axis position controller. Besides the aforementioned 3-axis control for 3D and CP measurements, the 4-th axis is for varying the distance between the antennas enpowering the system for the precise calibration on the antenna gain at millimeter wave frequencies where the errors due to the phase center uncertainty is significant.


Name Company Model Main Spec. Location
Probe Station 3-S APS4 R527
Microwave Anechoic Chamber 6mX6mX10m R527
Vector Network Analyzer Agilent 8722ES 50MHz~40GHz, 2-port R527
Vector Network Analyzer Agilent E8361A 10MHz~67GHz R527
Millimeter Wave Anechoic Chamber TRC MMA-VC 40-65 GHz (1.3m X 1.3m x 1.5m) R527
Millimeter Head Controller Agilent N5260A R527