Electromagnetic Design For Advanced Packaging Lab

  • Location:R533
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  • Phone:+886-2-33663700 ext.533


 The facilities for signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) research are all included in this Lab. A Tektronix Time-domain Reflectometry (TDR) Analyzer with two 12ps9ns rise time signal source modules is available for signal integrity measurement. A turn-key measurement solution for far field electromagnetic interference (EMI) and susceptibility (EMS) measurement is established based on a GTEM cell chamber environment and near field EM measurement solution is established based on Hitachi EMV-200 test system They mainly include a spectrum analyzer (R&S FSP40) covering from 800MHz to 40GHz, 20W power amplifier (AR 20ST) covering from 800MHz to 18GHz, arbitrary waveform generator (Tektronix AWG7122B) up to 12GS/s, and other accessories such as power meter, preamplifier, calibration probes, and cables. These facilities provide an excellent environment for the electromagnetic design and integration research of advanced package and system on package (SoP).


Name Company Model Main Spec. Location
Time-Domain Reflectometry Analyzer Tektronix CSA8000B 80E10 TDR sampling modules x4 50GHz bandwidth R533
GTEM cell for EMC testing TESEQ GTEM 500 DC-18GHz R533
Arbitrary Waveform Generator Tektronix AWG7122B 12GS/s R533
Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS5104B 1GHz, 5GS/s R533
Spectrum Analyzer ROHDE&SCHWARZ FSP40 9kHz~40GHz R533
Power Amplifier AR 20ST 1G1BA SSA: 0.8GHz~4.2GHz TWT: 4.2GHz~18GHz R533
Probe Laser Interface AR FI7000 800MHz to 18GH R533
RF Power Meter Boonton 4231A 0dBm, 50MHz R533
Preamplifier Agilent 8449B 1~26.5GHz R533
Near field EM scanner Hitachi EMV-200 Probe:1Mz-3GHz Resolution:1mm on x-/y-axis R533