Packaging Lab

  • Location:R505
  • Administrator:
  • Phone:+886-2-33663700 ext.505


The facilities for microwave and millimeter-wave circuit measurements are available in a temperature, moisture and dust controlled room. The probe stations in this laboratory are used for packaging substrate and PCB board testing. An Agilent 4 port network analyzer up to 20GHz and two 2-port VNA up to 67 GHz can make scattering matrix measurement with probe stations. RF impedance/material analyzer, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer, and signal generator are supplied in this laboratory. One Cascade Summit 9000 probe station is used for packaging substrate measurement. A two-sided probe station is designed for dual-side probing of PCB board and packaging substrate. Flip chip bonder and wire bonder are also provided for chip interconnection from chip to substrate. This lab has a wire bonder and a flip-chip bonder to provide two most common level one interconnect between die and substrate. The wire bonder can do either ball bond or wedge bond and the flip-chip bonder can provide thermal compressing flip-chip bonding.


Name Company Model Main Spec. Location
Probe Station Cascade Summit 9000 R505
Vector Network Analyzer Agilent N5242A 300kHz~26.5GHz, 4-port R505
Vector Network Analyzer Agilent E8361A 10MHz~67GHz, 2port R505
Vector Network Analyzer Agilent N5230A 300kHz~20GHz, 2port R505
Probe Station 3-S R505
Oscilloscope Agilent 54830D 4 GSa/s R505
Oscilloscope Agilent DSO91204A 12 GSa/s R505
Spectrum Analyzer Agilent 71209A ~26.5GHz R505
Vector Signal Generator Agilent E4438C 250kHz~1GHz R505
RF Impedance/Material Analyzer Agilent E4991A 1MHz~3GHz R505
Flip Chip Bonder Finetech R505
Wire Bonder Westbond 7700E Manual ball bond, wedge bond R505
Ink Jet Printer Dimatix DMP-2831 Line width/spacing: 100 μm ± 5 μm, varies with material R505