Microwave / Millimeter-Wave Circuits Lab

  • Location:R507,R506
  • Administrator:
  • Phone:+886-2-33663700 ext.506, 507


The facilities for microwave and millimeter-wave circuit measurements are available in a clean room. The probe stations in this laboratory are used for the on-wafer chip testing. Agilent 50-GHz vector network analyzer which can be extended up to 170 GHz by the millimeter-wave modules and Anritsu 40 MHz to 65 GHz four-port vector analyzer are available for S-parameter measurements. Noise figure analyzer, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, load-pull systems, and oscilloscopes are also provided in this laboratory. In addition, we have Agilent precision semiconductor parameter analyzer and Auriga pulsed-IV system for the transistor dc characteristics testing. This laboratory provides the world-class measurement capability for the microwave and millimeter-wave circuits.

Agilent vector network analyzer
Anritsu vector network analyzer
Auriga Pulsed IV system


Name Company Model Main Spec. Location
Vector Network Analyzer Agilent 8361C+OML test set 110GHz~170GHz 2-port scattering matrix measurement R506
Vector Network Analyzer Anritsu 37397D 40MHz~65GHz, 4-port R506
Vector Network Analyzer Agilent 8361C 10MHz~67GHz R506
Noise Figure Analyzer Agilent N8975A 10MHz~26.5GHz R506
Vector Signal Generator Agilent E8267D ~44GHz R506
Spectrum Analyzer Agilent E4448A ~ 50 GHz R506
VSA Agilent E8408A ~ 6 GHz R506
Probe Station Cascade Summit 9000 R506
Probe Station Suss PM5 R506
Pulsed IV System Auriga AV4550 Vmax: 100 V, Pulse width: 20 ns R506
Signal Generator Agilent E8247L 250 kHz ~ 40 GHz R506
Signal Generator Agilent E8257D 250 kHz ~ 67 GHz R506
Signal Generator Agilent E82077 250 kHz ~ 20 GHz R506
Load Pull System Maury MT982B 0.8 GHz ~ 18 GHz R506
Load Pull System Maury MT984A 8 GHz ~ 50 GHz R506
Power Meter HP 473B 1 GHz ~ 110 GHz R506
Vector Network Analyzer Agilent E5071B 300kHz~8.5GHz R507
Vector Network Analyzer Agilent E8364B 10MHz~50GHz R507
PCB Etcher Kinsten KAE-20026SD R507
Aligner Kinsten R507