Circular Polarization Coupling Device

  • Patent Number
    US 8,022,880 B2
  • Inventor
    K.-H. Hung and Y.-C. Lin
  • Time
    Sep 01,2011
  • Abstract

    A coupling device comprises a substrate, a ground layer and a feed conductor. The substrate comprises a first surface and a second surface. The ground layer is disposed on the second surface comprising a circular opening. The circular opening comprises an opening edge and an opening center. The feed conductor extends on the first surface comprising a conductive portion and a feed. The conductive portion is connected to the feed. The feed corresponds to the circular opening. A radial gap is formed between the opening edge and the feed. The opening center is located on a base line. The base line is parallel to an extension direction of the conductive portion. A radial line is formed between the opening edge and the opening center. The radial gap varies with an included angle between the radial line and the base line.