Capacitors with insulating layer having embedded dielectric rods

  • Patent Number
    US 7,679,926 B2
  • Inventor
    K.-C. S. Hsu, C.-M. Lin, T.-L. Wu, and G.-T. Wu
  • Time
    May 01,2010
  • Abstract

    A circuit structure is provided. The circuit structure includes a capacitor including a top capacitor electrode; a bottom capacitor electrode parallel to the top capacitor electrode; and an insulating layer between the top and the bottom capacitor electrodes. The insulating layer includes a dielectric rod enclosed by a dielectric material. The dielectric rod has a higher dielectric constant than that of the dielectric material. The circuit structure may be a printed circuit board or packaging substrate, wherein the capacitor is formed between the two layers of the capacitor. Additional dielectric rods may be formed in the insulating layer of the capacitor and spaced apart from the dielectric rods.