A Spur-Reduced Multimode Power-Level Tracking Power Amplifier Using a Frequency-Hopping DCDC Converter

  • Author
    J.-H. Chen, P.-J. Liu, Y.-L. Hung, H.-S. Yang, and Y.-J. Emery Chen
  • Published in
    IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 58, no. 5, pp. 1333-1338,
  • Time
    May 01, 2010
  • Abstract

    This paper presents a power-level tracking power amplifier with reduced spurious emission by utilizing a DC-DC converter with frequency-hopping capability. Measurements were performed for a W-CDMA signal and an EDGE signal at 836.5 MHz. The results show a two times improvement in average efficiency while showing negligible spectral degradation for the W-CDMA standard. For the EDGE standard, the efficiency was also improved by a factor of two for medium power levels compared to not using a DC-DC converter. Moreover, the spurious emissions were improved by up to 4.5 dB using the proposed technique.