Miniaturized Design of Microstrip-Fed Slot Antennas Loaded with C-Shaped Rings

  • Author
    R. H. Chen and Y.-C. Lin
  • Published in
    IEEE Antennas Wireless Propag. Lett., vol. 10, pp. 203–206
  • Time
    Nov 30, 1999
  • Abstract

    A novel miniaturized design of microstrip-fed slot antenna is proposed. By properly loading a pair of C-shaped rings inside a half-wavelength slot, the fundamental resonant frequency can be significantly decreased. This paper illustrates the mechanism of miniaturization and key dimension parameter analysis. An optimized design with 50% size reduction was implemented and measured, where very good agreement between simulation and measurement was obtained. The results show that the presented miniature slot antenna maintains the nominal radiation patterns of slot antennas with some moderate gain degradations.