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 In addition, strong academia and industry collaboration will be set up and pushed forward with TSMC for MMIC foundry and chip scale integration, ASE for IPD process, ACX for LTCC manufacture, and Nanya, Inventec, Foxconn for system applications, which are the flagships in Taiwan’s IC and packaging manufacturing and lead industrial researches in computing and consumer electronics, thus aiming to strengthen Taiwan’s competitiveness in science and technology.

To promote the NTU’s advanced millimeter-wave technologies in consumer markets, NTU has join the IEEE 802.11ad 60-GHz Gigabit WLAN standard task group and became 802.11 voting member in 2009/07. NTU has cooperation with MediaTek in 802 standard meetings for the promotion of next generation 60-GHz Gigabit wireless HDTV development, like 60-GHz channel model measurement for home environment. NTU and MediaTek have cooperated together in the 802.11ad Vice Chair voting, and Dr. James Yee from MediaTek has been elected as 802.11ad Vice Chair, who is Taiwan’s first representative in IEEE international standard leadership team.

On 2009/09/11, IEEE Standards Association Standards Board has ratified IEEE802.15.3c Draft-13 as the IEEE 802.15 WPAN standard. This is the first WPAN standard for 60-GHz Multi-Gigabit wireless connectivity. NTU has proposed a “Dual-Mode Broadband and Wireless Network (DMBWN),” proposal [1]. The concept of WLAN/WPAN dual mode operation has been included in the final standard document. The system chip has been modified from cellular related 1.728Gsps to the WLAN related 1.760Gsps. This modification in 802.15.3c standard shows that the future 60-GHz WPAN products will support WLAN/WPAN dual mode operation as NTU proposed.

  • [1] C.-K. Tzuang, T.-S. Lee, J.-H. Tarng, Y.-D. Lin, F.-C. Chen, C.-H. Wang, T.-W. Huang, H. Wang, S.-Y. Chen, P. Hsu, T.-H. Chu, R.-B. Wu, and C.-H. Chen, “Dual-mode broadband and wireless network (DMBWN),” IEEE 802 Standard Conf., IEEE 802.15-07/0692r0, Montreal, Canada, May 2007.